Truly Blessed to Have You Represent Us


Michelle LohmanDear Michelle,

First and foremost I want to thank you for agreeing to again list my home in Sun Lakes. I think it was a good idea to take it off the market for the summer and allow my husband and I the opportunity to get a few “extras” done. The new exterior and interior painting is the lift the house needed. In discussing the listing, you, the house, etc. it came to our minds that we are truly blessed to have you represent us and we want you to know how we feel about you — it is easy to criticize but rarely do any of us go out of our way to give a compliment.

In the past two years you have truly given above and beyond to assure and reassure as to what is best for us in this roller coaster real estate market. We always knew if you didn’t know the answer to one of our many questions you would find someone who did. Your timely responses were so appreciated. And did you know – your voice smiles!!! When we hear your voice we can see that pretty smile in our minds.

Having a good real estate “education” and the ability to put it to practice with your clients is truly an asset in which you excel. We just wanted you to know that we feel very fortunate to have you as our agent and we look forward to working with you in getting this house sold!!!!”

– The Keeler Family, Sun Lakes, AZ


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