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While making your holiday gift purchases this holiday season, let your gift giving spread the love even further.

When you purchase a gift from Feed My Starving Children, you will receive your gift for that special someone on your list but you will also be feeding others as well.  Each gift purchase guarantees that a set number of meals will be provided for individuals in specific areas around the world.

You can visit their website by clicking this link to purchase unique gifts from around the world.  When you are checking out you will see the number of meals that that gift will provide.  You will be sharing the love around the world.  Some of the countries that Feed My Starving Children serve are the Philippines, El Salvador, Haiti, Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and Mexico.

They have three dried, fortified meal formulas addressing the world’s main hunger needs. Each culturally-neutral meal packet contains 6-12 servings, depending on the food formula.

MannaPack™ Rice: The original food formula consists of vitamin packed flavoring, dried vegetables, soy protein and rice.

MannaPack™ Potato-W: The “baby food” which meets World Health Org. standards for infants 7-12 months contains vitamin-packed sweet potato flavoring, potato granules and soy flour.

MannaPack™ Potato-D: The first and only food for people with severe diarrhea (a leading killer in the developing world) contains a specific sweet potato-flavored vitamin mix which aids rehydration, potato granules and soy flour.

The MannaPacks are cooked using boiled water. Combine MannaPack Potato products with potable water or milk at any temperature.


You may also donate directly to them and every tax-deductible dollar funds life-saving meals and shows kids around the world that they are cared for and deeply loved.  You may even choose to donate in a loved ones memory.


If you are interested in volunteering at the local branches, visit their website and click on volunteer to schedule yourself or a group to “turn hunger into hope with your own two hands.”


Blessings to you and yours this holiday season,


Michelle Lohman

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