Bear keeps getting passed by

Lots of shelter dogs have trouble finding homes, but a dog named Bear seems to have particularly bad luck.

About three years ago, Bear came into the care of the Detroit Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) after being picked up as a stray in Flint, Michigan.

“He was about 7 months old and very emaciated,” Kelley LaBonty, director of DAWG, told The Dodo. “He stayed in foster care for a while, but then the foster had family who moved in, and they couldn’t keep him anymore.”

Bear moved into a kennel at DAWG’s shelter, but the staff didn’t think he’d stay there long — they thought he’d be adopted right away.

“Bear is wonderful with people,” LaBonty said. “He loves kids, he loves men and women. He’s very playful, and he loves to cuddle and get belly rubs. He knows his basic commands.”

But there is one problem with this sweet-natured pup — he doesn’t get along with other animals.

“Our goal is to find him a home with no other pets, but that’s hard to do,” LaBonty said. “We’ve taken him to hundreds of adoption events over the years, and he just gets overlooked every time.”

Bear might be frequently overlooked, but what makes his story especially heartbreaking is how close he’s come to finding a home — only to be rejected at the last minute.

“We did have one lady who drove an hour and a half to meet him, and she really, really liked him, and she said, ‘I think he’d be a great dog for our family,’” LaBonty said. “And it was a very good home for him — it was out in the country with a fenced yard and it was a family with kids. It was a perfect setup.”

But when DAWG volunteers drove Bear to the family’s house for an official meet-and-greet, things didn’t go the way they hoped.

“The kids decided that they didn’t want him,” LaBonty said. “They wanted a different dog.”

Bear got incredibly depressed, according to LaBonty.

Contact DAWG House to get more information on Bear or contact your local animal shelters to rescue a dog in your community.
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